A private CANDORA perfume creation workshop can be organized, guided by your very own dedicated perfume expert.

The Workshop takes place at the Candora Boutique, in French, English or Spanish.

Private perfume workshops are organized at your convenience:

book for the day and time which suits you, we will contact you with alternative options if we can not accommodate your request.


We have been holding our private perfume creation workshop in Paris since 2012, here are some of the recent reviews we received from customers :

“My daughter loved this! A wonderful way to spend a few special hours. Merci!”  Courney C. August 2019

“A fantastic experience- very easy to book. Would highly recommend!!” Susie O. August 2019

Two private perfume workshops are possible

1 – For adults and children above 10 years of age

Guests will embark on an imaginative and inspiring journey while creating their personalized fragrance.

The workshops starts with a quiz to get into the fascinating world of scents, the History of perfume making and the wonders of olfaction. You will have answers on questions like “How does your body work when you smell something ?” and “How can we extract the good smells Nature is providing ?”

Then comes the “hands on” part where you get to smell the different Eaux de Toilette of Candora collection to select the final 2 or 3 that will go in your personal mix.

Each participant receives a bottle with his/her customized blend, in a 50ml bottle (1.7 Fl oz), diamond engraving of the bottle with your name or the words of your choice is included in the price of the private perfume making workshop.

Duration : 2 hours.

Price : 360€ for one or two, 80€ for each additional participant.

2 – For families with children between 6 and 11 years old

The adventures of Inspector Nosy and the stolen perfume ! A journey with captivating olfactive discoveries resulting in the creation of your perfume. This workshop is specially designed to enthuse a young audience without forgetting their parents. Of course older siblings can also enjoy the workshop. Adults and children will leave with a bottle of their perfume.

Duration : 90 minutes.

Price : 360€ for two, 80€ for each additional participant adult or child aged 12 years old and above, 60€ for additional child 7 to 11 years of age.