Imagine… You are about to spend 2 hours with a Candora perfume expert on a fun and interactive olfactive journey. A multitude of pleasures brought by our perfume creation workshops:

Pleasure to discover and get to know yourself better while exploring the scents which awaken colorful emotions and memories.

Pleasure to create a perfume as unique as you are : your signature scent, a blend you will have crafted after playing with different options.

Pleasure to share your moods and your passions, each fragrance is a work of art you are proud to share.

Pleasure to be guided : our Candora expert is here to accompany you on your olfactive journey and to help you in choosing.

Pleasure to leave with a bottle of the fragrance you will have created (50ml, 1,7 Fl Oz.). We propose to save your formula in our database and you can re order it when you run out of your fragrance.


Candora perfume creation workshops are designed to entertain those seeking for a smart and memorable sensorial experience, an innovative way to discover the world of perfumes and Parisian refinement.

You can choose between the 2 following options, both are possible as a workshop open to all, with 10 to 20 participants, or as a private workshop :

-the perfume creation workshop recommended for adults and children above 10 years of age, duration : 2 hours

-the workshop specially designed for families with children aged 6 to 11, of corse older sibling will enjoy it too, duration : 90 minutes.

Customer reviews of the perfume creation workshops

I can’t recommend this enough! Such a fun way to spend a couple of hours and get to take home your very own created French perfume!

Rebecca, Australia

The workshop was so informative! My husband was very apprehensive about going and creating a fragrance. Once he experienced the various fragrances, he was hooked. Everyone asks him about the scent he created. We were both very pleased with our final scent. I highly recommend this workshop!

Christy, United States

I took my 2 teenage daughters to the perfume workshop. We loved learning about the history, process, chemistry and experience involved in being a perfumer. We each made our own custom perfume and had a lot of fun mixing the scents to create our perfect perfume. Definitely a highlight of our time in Paris!

Kerry, United States

What an amazing experience. This was a highlight of our Paris trip for our girls (aged 9 and 6) and both my husband and I. The story was engaging and kept us all entertained and making our own signature scent was a fantastic experience to express our creativity. Very interactive and well structured. Time well spent for all of us! We can’t stop talking about it. A full recommendation on something to do while in Paris with kids.


I signed up for this on a whim. I had an extra day in paris and no idea what I wanted to do. It was AMAZING. The first hour is devoted to learning about perfume and learning *how* to smell like a perfumier. Wow, how I wish I had taken this course at the beginning of my trip to france. I can’t imagine how much more fascinating eating at restaurants would have been with the new knowledge of how to understand scent. We then went on to try different scents, learn about combos, and finally making our own perfume. I made one that I know I would never find in any store. To me it smells exactly like sitting by a warm fire in a alpine cabin in winter. A smell of my childhood. I love my bottle of custom perfume and I loved the experience. Anyone who loves perfume or just wants to learn something new absolutely should take this workshop!