Perfume Workshop for families
Perfume Workshop for families

The adventures of Inspector Nosy and the stolen perfume

The perfume workshop for families is a new breed of workshop, at the crossroad of fairy tales and escape games.

You and your family will become the assistants to inspector Nosy who chases after a mysterious thief… A captivating story with olfactive discoveries resulting in each member of the family creating their very own fragrance.

For who ? Families with kids aged 6 to 12, of course older siblings can participate in our perfume workshop for families. It is difficult to set an age limit, we have had 5 years olds who could follow the story and participate with pleasure. You are the best judge to know how mature they are.

Where : at the Candora perfume shop, 1 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe in the center of Paris, close to Notre Dame cathedral and the Ile St Louis.

How long : 90 minutes

Customer reviews on our perfume workshop for families

« We had such a great experience ! We learned a lot about scents and how they are blended and had a lot of fun. It was great for adults with the children, fun story for them but still a lot of cool info for those interested. It’s also very interactive and multisensory. And, the perfumes we created are amazing! Every time I wear it I will remember our trip. »

Molly – Annapolis, Maryland, United States.

« A wonderful, layered experience that was thoughtful, creative & personalized for myself and 7 year old daughter! We will return to learn and create more. »

Dana, Beverly Hills, California, United States.

« The event was both fun and interesting for all ages. It’s clear that sincere effort was put forth to create an engaging experience. (…) Creating something beautiful – a delightful scent – is a great change of pace from viewing beautiful works of art. I know we’ll be talking about the event for a long time. »

Joan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States