Wild Herbs Fragrance

A green harmony of cut herbs and aromatic plants.


Lie on a freshly cut lawn…

Candora Wild Herbs Eau de Parfum reflects the impression you have in summer when you lie on a freshly cut lawn.  It is a perception of green freshness, a heady sensation. Some scents of aromatic plants are in the distance. You are on a garden lawn, not on a golf green! There are even perhaps some flowers, barely perceptible but that complete the olfactory picture. Wild Herbs can be worn alone, for a burst of summer freshness, both for a man and a woman.

Combine the eau de parfum Herbes Sauvages

Our perfumer Mélanie Leroux who created this Eau de Parfum gives you the key to a successful association. “Like a florist, your bouquet of flowers is enhanced by greenery. These Wild Herbs will showcase your flowery notes”, a perfect blend with Iris Eau de Parfum, Seringa Eau de Parfum or Rose Eau de Parfum. You can also add some depth by associating it with the Vétiver Eau de Toilette. This Eau de Parfum is then like the green version, young growth, of Vetiver.