Vanilla Fragrance

A gourmet note, warm, suave and sensual. It is a complex scent that reflects the richness of natural vanilla, you will also detect a note of caramel.

Vanilla brings sensuality to a perfume and leaves a greedy and racy trail to your blends.

At the origin of Vanilla, we find a flower, a variety of orchid, and now the Vanilla eau de toilette from the Maison des Parfums Candora Paris. Coming from Mexico, it is brought back to Europe among the treasures of Cortes. The Aztec emperor Moctezuma II used to perfume his chocolate. Today, these two scents are still often intimately mixed in our library of collective smells, a true gourmet heritage of humanity.


From Mexico to Madagascar

Vanilla production, highly prized by European courts, remained Mexico’s monopoly for two centuries. All attempts to grow them elsewhere have failed. Louis XIV in particular sought to establish it on his island Bourbon, today Reunion. But he will never see the fruits of it since it was not until the nineteenth century that it was understood that a native and endemic pollinator in Mexico is the missing cannon to obtain the precious pods. Outside of Mexico, manual pollination is necessary. This explains why the combination of climate, parallel and complementary cocoa cultivation, as well as an inexpensive workforce, made Madagascar successful in the 20th century, taking over from Reunion Island.

A luxury product

Madagascar now supplies 80% of the world’s vanilla, so it is this origin that we have in mind when we talk about vanilla. Not very generous productions in recent years have projected the price of Vanilla to peaks. It has become a luxury product, to use with the parsimony that its power allows.

It is vanilla like coffee or grapes. A terroir effect strongly impacts the aromas. Maison des Parfums Candora has partnered with Authentic Products – a French family business specializing in the Vanilla trade – to offer you, in addition to our Vanilla Eau de Toilette from Madagascar, 4 tubes of Vanilla pods with noble origins very characterized of Vanilla: Madagascar, the reference, Uganda, powerful and peppery, Comoros and Papua.