Tobacco leaf Fragrance

A seductive fragrance with notes of almond, vanilla, honey.

A trip to the Vinales region of Cuba where the tobacco leaves dry in huts.

Tobacco is a warm, complex scent, where we find honey and almond that give it a long drying in the sun or hot air. It is the noble smell of the leaf hanging in the huts around Viñales in Cuba that we wanted to find in this eau de toilette from the Candora collection.


The origins of tobacco

Tobacco is a plant native to the Americas, which arrived in Europe in 1520 among the treasures of Christopher Columbus. European courts first made it an ornamental plant before apothecaries became interested. It was Jean Nicot, ambassador to the court of Portugal, who sent it to Queen Catherine de Medici to treat the headaches of her son Francis.

Perfume and tobacco

The perfumers were interested very early on in the growing success of tobacco, but their first foray was to supplement the scents of tobacco for the consumption of leaf powder and prized. The 1696 reference treatise by the Parisian perfumer Simon Barbe contains an entire chapter on how to purge tobacco of its strong smell and then give it the smell of flowers

It was only in 1919 that a first perfume – Tabac Blond de Caron – became interested in tobacco, during the spread of cigarette use by American troops in Europe and the industrialization of production. But it is the phenomenon of society that serves as inspiration for this powerful and leathery perfume more than the scent of the leaf.

We suggest combining the water of toilet Tobacco Leaf with the water of toilet Orange Bigarade or the water of toilet Ginger.