Rose Fragrance

A flight of rose petals from Damascus, picked in the morning freshness.

The rose is the queen of flowers. It has all the scents and blends wonderfully with other flowers, fruits, woods…


A fresh rose

The Rose de Candora recalls the scents of old roses, garden roses, with a very particular characteristic: freshness. So much so that we like to call it “the seven o’clock rose”. This is the moment when the light illuminates dew drops on its petals that open. The scent that the rose exhales is then delicate; it does not have the almost excessive opulence that it will reach with the heat of the afternoon sun.

Rosa damascena

Two varieties are mainly used in perfumery. The first is the Centifolia rose or May rose that made the fortune of Grasse until the nineteenth century. But the one that Candora chose is the rose of Damascus or “rosa damascena”. A crusader would have brought it back to France, to Provins, in the 13th century. Its culture became the specialty of Bulgaria, in the valley of the rose around the city of Kaznalak. Turkey and Morocco are the other major producers. A very valuable essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. Its yield is very low, about three tonnes of petals per kilogram of oil…

Classic or more original?

In French perfumery, the rose had two great interpretations in the 80s. They are “Paris d’Yves Saint Laurent” in 1983 and “Trésor de Lancôme” in 1989. The classic and particularly harmonious accords combine rose and violet, with other flowers or vanilla. To wake her up, give her a more modern and original orientation, try the Rose of Candora in assembly with Ginger or Marine.