Red Berries Fragrance

A greedy handful of strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, on which shine a few sweet crystals. A magical scent in which you will more easily perceive your favorite red fruit. 


The fruity note in perfumery

These small berries that we love to eat and that we often associate with pastries or sweets remind us of gourmet moments. It is not surprising that perfumery sought to bring these highly cherished memories.

As summer and early autumn ingredient, red fruits allows the merger of two worlds; the captivating universe of perfumery and the most of gourmet of pastry.

Among the most emblematic red fruits in perfumery are: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, redcurrant and blackberry.

There are very few natural fruity notes in perfumery; as they cannot be extracted, the dexterity of the perfumer must be exercised to create them again.

Trend of fruity fragrances

Some fruity accords have had great success in perfumery, including the red/pink fruit accord found in Angel by Thierry Mugler and more recently La vie est belle en rose by Lancôme.

At Candora you can reproduce this accord that has become almost classic of the Rose and Red Fruits or try it with another flower like the Iris.

For the ultimate gourmet highlight, try the red fruit note with Vanilla, in another style you can balance it with Ginger.

But original and amazing assemblages can be full of sweetness and harmony with woods such as Cedar or Vetiver possibly accompanied by a flower.