Pink Peppercorn Fragrance

A spice box where pink pepper dominates by its exhilarating freshness.

As in the kitchen, pink berries reveal the scents of your blends by giving them spice.


A “Fake Pepper”?

Pink pepper, otherwise called pink berry is a “fake pepper” since despite a certain visual and aromatic resemblance, it is not part of the same botanical family, the pink berry being attached to the Anacardiaceae. Produced on the island of Madagascar and in Brazil, these small grains of color are appreciated as a spice with a very particular taste, spicy and slightly sweet.

In olfaction but also in health

Highly coveted in perfumery, pink berries are also used for medicinal purposes. They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.

They also help relieve coughs, colds and flu-like conditions and help with intestinal disorders.

Both strong, spicy but also delicate, pink berries are very popular with perfumers who often associate it with floral notes.

At Candora, for a sweet and delicate fragrance, we associate pink berry, iris, vanilla. Or on the contrary for a perfume with more character, Baie Rose with Cedar and Oud will awaken your nostrils.