Oud Fragrance

The sensuality of the Orient, a rare, warm and powerful note of precious wood.

Oud is very popular in Middle Eastern countries for its elegance and power. It is a very trendy fragrance in Europe and many exceptional perfume brands have launched an Oud fragrance in the recent years.


The elixir of chance 

Originally from Southeast Asia, the Oud is the essence of a tropical forest tree named Aquilaria. But this most coveted resin is not obtained on all trunks. It is actually the fruit of chance, because it requires the presence of fungi and bacteria produced when the tree is attacked. The wood then becomes Agarwood and the bark is covered with a black and viscous resin that lets emanate a rich smell with floral and musky notes. Today, the main producers of Oud are India, Malaysia and Cambodia. 

A recent use 

In many homes in the Arab world, the Oud is an ancestral smell considered to have spiritual and therapeutic benefits for the soul. It is used to welcome guests or to refresh its interior. But it is only during the last fifty years, at the time of the rise of leather and animal notes, that the Oud appeared in the West. Generally, you either love it or hate it. But what is certain is that many already consider these woody and wild notes as the essence of modern perfumery.