Lily of the Valley Fragrance

It rings with the delicate gaiety of the bells and its green shades of Spring.

It is worn with Happiness!


The legend of these little white bells

Emblem of May the first, the Lily of the Valley announces the arrival of spring, beautiful days and offers itself as a good luck charm.

Rumor has it that in the French countryside during the Renaissance, it was custom to buy Lily of the Valley to hunt winter. On May 1st, 1560, King Charles IX was offered a spring of it. Touched by this act, he reproduced it the following year by offering the ladies of the court a touch of Lily of the Valley as a good luck charm.

A mute flower

But this pretty little flower is called a mute flower. She refuses to reveal the secrets of her scent: one cannot extract neither essence nor absolute. Perfumers must therefore be creative: by combining various flowers and synthetic molecules they manage to give us an illusion of lily of the valley.

In perfumery, a composition around a main scent is called “soliflore”. Candora Eaux de Toilette are therefore all soliflores. Diorissimo (1956) created by Edmond Roudnitska is one of the first soliflores perfumes that compose a spring spirit with scents of Lily of the Valley.