Lavender Fragrance

The Lavender of Candora transmits the natural scents of a lavender field under the heat of Provence, with facets of thyme and rosemary.  Lavender is a perennial plant, aromatic and native to the mountains of the Mediterranean basin. This plant is known for its indications to treat insomnia and anxiety. The Romans already enjoyed the aromatic qualities of lavender in the baths. They perfumed their clothes and baths.

Traditionally associated with citrus fruits such as grapefruit in cologne, in the Candora collection, it goes particularly well with Vanilla or Vetiver.


Lavender and… fern

Already present in some cologne in the eighteenth century, it confirms its status as a great classic with the perfume Fougère Royale de Houbigant, created in 1882 by Paul Parquet. This fragrance combines lavender with a green note of geranium and a woody and vanilla background. Its success was such that it inspired other perfumes, giving birth to a new olfactory family called «fern», in which lavender is more or less present.

For a man by Caron (1934), it is the perfume “fougère” that highlights it most. The family then evolved and the perfumers played with it, eliminating one component, replacing another. More recent launches include a fern accord in Azzaro pour Homme, Bleu de Chanel…

Lavender and lavandin 

Often confused, these two plants of the Lamiaceae family grow in the same way, but have very distinct characteristics. Lavandin is a natural hybrid between «fine» lavender and «aspic» lavender. It grows at any altitude, even by the sea, while lavender will never grow spontaneously below 400-500 meters.

The cob of lavandin is larger, sharper and purple in color. The color of lavender is a less uniform shade of blue. Lavandin produces more flowers, its yield is higher, so it is often preferred to lavender for less noble uses, its smell is more camphor, less elegant than that of lavender.

It is of course the essential oil of lavender of Provence that is part of the composition of the Lavender of Candora.