Iris Fragrance

Iris is a powdery flower that is exuberant, elegant and refined. Iris is the symbol of luxury in perfumery. It gives body to the fragrance and a velvety wake.


A well-hidden perfume

Have you ever experienced this? attracted by the shimmering colors of the Iris, like a bee, you approach your nose to discover the scent, your senses are awake, ready for a little moment of pleasure and there is… nothing.

The iris is a flower that hides its secrets since the flower has very little smell, vaguely a hint of herbaceous, and that on the other hand, the root is extraordinary. Do not go dig up the rhizomes of Iris in your garden, only a few varieties are really interesting and it is a long process that allows you to obtain a fragrant extract.

Queen of flowers and flower of kings

Iris is, along with Rose and Jasmine, one of the most used flower scents in perfumery. Iris is also the flower of the kings of France… The “fleurs de lys” of the coat of arms of the kings of France look much more like Irises than Fleur de Lys, and for good reason! The most likely explanation for this usurpation by the Lys would be an evolution by a copy error from the Fleur de Loys, replacing the ui in medieval French… The “o” would have been forgotten, thus withdrawing from the Iris its royal affiliations.