Grapefruit Fragrance

A tonic and sparkling water that captures the citrus freshness of the fruit picked on its tree. Like the fruit, Candora grapefruit brings a fresh, fruity note while being slightly tangy.


The typical fresh note

It’s a morning wake-up call on a sunny terrace, and an energizing breakfast awaits you…

Candora Grapefruit Eau de Parfum highlights an essential oil of Argentinian Grapefruit, to which we have added some discreet notes of flowers for more sophistication. Citrus essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the bark in which the small oil balls are located. They are the ones who spark if you press a clementine skin in front of a flame… and that’s why in cooking or pastry we use a zest rapt, much more concentrated than juice.

A Dutch name for a Chinese fruit !

Of Asian origin, grapefruit appears in Southeast Asia what is now Malaysia and Indonesia, it has been grown in China for 2,000 years. Grapefruit is considered by the Chinese as one of the three blessed fruits, along with peach and lemon. It entered Europe, more precisely Spain, in the 12th century, but was never consumed on a large scale. Its name comes from the Dutch «pomplemoes», which translates as «big lemon» (source websites Ortolang, CNRS).

There are two different fruits: Citrus maxima, the Asian, the original, and the Citrus paradisi, American hybrid of the first with a variety of orange. As soon as we leave these Latin names, there comes a great ambiguity between the two fruits created in particular by a confusion of names between grapefruit, pomelo and their translations corresponding to one or the other.