Gingembre Fragrance

A spice with multiple facets with a start of freshly grated lemon zest.

Ginger is a tropical perennial that gives spice and freshness to the compositions.


The roots of ginger  

Although Ginger is above all a delicate flower, the power of its character lies in its roots. It is said that it lives hidden because it is in the depths of the earth that the rhizome develops its unique and spicy aroma. Ginger, native to tropical regions, grows vigorously in rich, moist soils. He loves the sun as much as the rain, so his scent can provide freshness and energy. 

Travel between Asia and England 

India, the cradle of ginger, hosts the main production of this spice. There, it is harvested in February. Appreciated for centuries for its benefits, Indian ginger is not limited to local use. Thanks to its exceptional quality, it is exported to enrich the taste buds of the rest of the world. When traveling West, Ginger was welcomed with open arms in British kitchens. Ginger shortbreads have become a popular delicacy during English tea breaks. Accompanied by a cup of tea, this combination offers a balanced taste experience, where the sweetness of the sweet blends harmoniously with the spicy notes.