Fig Tree Perfums

Fig Tree Fragrance

Warm and creamy, the fig tree and its fruits envelop our nostrils with sugar and woods. This fresh and green smell exudes sweet and fruity notes reminiscent of the summer sun and fresh leaves.


The fig, a fake fruit:

The fig tree (ficus carica) is an ancient and emblematic plant whose origin dates back several millennia. This tree is revered for its succulent fruits with bright color and abundant leaves. But, for botanical specialists, the fig is not a fruit but rather an inflorescence, so it is a «fake fruit»! Unlike most fruit trees, where the fruit flourish from a single flower after polinization, the process is different in the fig tree. Indeed, what we consider the fruit, the fig, is actually a structure called sycone, which contains many unfertilized flowers. These flowers do not come from a single individual flower, but from the whole inflorescence of the plant. Thus, the fig is often considered as a «fake fruit» because its unique structure. It remains an exceptional and tasty fruit that we like to enjoy!

The fig tree in perfumery:

While most people love fig trees for their fragrant fruit, its wood and leaves also have a delicious smell. However, as with all fruits, except citrus, it is impossible to extract an essential oil. The smell of the fig tree in perfumery is therefore only the talent and interpretation of perfumers who assemble other essences to reproduce this perfume so pleasant. Due to its Mediterranean origin, the fig tree is often added to a composition to bring a fruity and sunny touch! As an example of all this, Cologne Fig & Lotus Flower from Jo Malone brings the very leafy freshness combines with the creaminess in the fig leaves.