Cotton Flower Perfums

Cotton Flower Fragrance

A cloud of reassuring and comfortable softness, the union of delicate flowers against a background of white musks.


The evocation of the sweetness

The cotton flower grows on the cotton tree (Gossypium sp.), a shrub in the malvaceae family, where cocoa and hibiscus are also found. It is a plant from tropical and subtropical arid regions. In it, it keeps the memory of this drought. The true flowers oscillate between pale yellow and white, the enchanting little cloud coming from the seed. When ripe, the cotton capsule opens to release this silky tuft. To create it, the fragrance must crystallize the fantasized smell… It will be a milky sweetness, snowy, and the desire to lend a smell to the mute cotton, to dress it with scents. Here is the fiber turned flower, a miracle: the perfume.

The white musks

They are the dream interpreters for this olfactory lullaby. They have whites only impression. Resulting from organic synthesis, they evoke the spirituality of the plant, such as rice steam. It contrasts with the powerful incarnation of musk, one of the noblest animal materials, deep and bewitching, that Europe has known since the 4th century. Extracted from a male herringbone from Siberia or the Himalayas, musk evokes a honeyed, jasmine fur, fortunately replaced, in 1926, for the peace of the animal, by its synthetic faux-double: muscone. Since then, the white musks have moved away from their animal ancestor, keeping only sensuality and tenacity. Adopted by the laundry, it competed with lavender to impose itself as the smell of cleanliness. More noble materials, such as deltamuscenone, powder, or cashmeran (1970s) lent white musks their clean cashmere side. This is what to dress our plant tuft!