Cedar Fragrance

A harmonious woody fragrance with spicy and slightly leathery facets.

Its dry wood tone brings a lot of elegance to the compositions.


A childhood memory

Cedar is a fundamental material in perfumery. For feminine or masculine fragrances, cedar is the starting point for all woody chords. Its dry and powerful smell brings dynamism and character to the fragrance. It has the advantage of marrying perfectly well with all olfactory families.

This familiar smell will evoke for some a childhood memory. Once pencils were made from this wood, so it was the smell of the pencil that we sharpen.

 A tree as old as the world

It is the tree most quoted in the Bible! In 976 BC, cedar wood from Lebanon was used for the construction of the first temple in Jerusalem. However, it is a fairly brittle wood which limits its use for structural construction.

This precious wood is also used by craftsmen to make jewelry boxes and boxes.