Bitter Orange Fragrance

Bigarade orange is a variety of bitter orange, the fruit of the bigaradier. With a thick, not very juicy skin, this orange is found in the marmalade that the Brits enjoy. This Eau de Toilette is a scent full of sun, the one you would dream to find in an orange juice!


Who of the color or fruit gave his name to the other?

Orange is today one of the 5 most produced fruits in the world. This was not always the case since the Bigarade orange arrived in Europe through the crusades and settled in Spain and Italy from Persia and Arabia. As for sweet orange, it comes to us from China and Ceylon via Portugal in the 15th century.

The etymology follows the same path: Persian then Arabic word giving ‘naranja’ in Spanish and ‘arancia’ in Italian. French changes the first letter with an “o”.  This could be under the influence of the city of Orange, the crossing point for fruit from Spain and Italy.

The name of the color, a mixture of red and yellow, appears in the 15th century. It is the fruit that precedes it.  Ultimate joke of nature: the component that gives its color to the orange fruit is blue at the origin, turning red under the effect of the acidity of the fruit.

The scent of Orange Bigarade

A luxury fruit until the 20th century, orange became part of Eau de Cologne in 1709. It was widely distributed by Marie-Anne de La Tremoille. Maceration of bark was favored. Perfumers, like pastry chefs who take the zest, quickly understand that the skin contains small oil balls much more concentrated in aroma and perfume than the juice.

Candora offers this sun-kissed fragrance inspired by the orange liqueurs of French tradition. One would dream of drinking an orange juice that has so much typicality…  Like all Candora perfumes, the Eau de Parfum Orange Beggared can be worn alone. We recommend it in combination with Tobacco Leaf Eau de Toilette, Cedar Eau de Toilette or Jasmine Eau de Toilette. But every day new combinations are found. What will be yours?